• 華韻天成 凰舞東方


    Natural Chinese Charm, Phoenix Dances in the East

    Hua Huang, affiliated to Yafanzi, is a leading brand in the era of beauty. It is the first enterprise to propose biological nutrient beauty, set the professional beauty standards and define the skin health aesthetics, which makes it the benchmark brand of Chinese professional beauty industry.



    Energy VoiceIndustry Leader

    Afangsuo is the standard-bearer for China’s professional beauty industry with HuiLiKang as subordinate brand. It constantly seeks improvement and makes progress with a view to creating the era of professional beauty customization in China.

    大德利他 臻美中國


    Great Virtue for the Benefit of Others, All for the Beauty

    Professionalism being the key, legends being made, Zhenzhili has already had 7 holding companies and 6 brands. With extraordinary positive energy, it creates a legend of rapid development, takes the lead in the rising industry and leads to a promising future.

    巽美東方 高端領航

    ——左巽,中國定制美容領航首企,3大品牌榮耀登臨,高端奢養抗衰美白品牌項目Queen’S angel Garden皇后的天使花園、專業去妊娠紋品牌項目president’S  Hand國王之手、內調養生品牌Le.basun柏桑頌,開啟中國高級定制美容時代。

    Beauty in the East, Take the Lead in the High End Market

    Zisine, the leading enterprise in the Chinese customized beauty industry, with three major brands launched, namely, Queen’s Angel Garden, the high-end anti-aging whitening brand; President’s Hand, professional striae gravidarum removal brand; Le Basun, internal adjustment health brand, opened a new era of customized beauty in China.

    菩善世界 悅美天下


    A world full of kindness, A World full of Beauty

    Puersoul is the leader and facilitator of Chinese flower essence system. In the process of developing it into an epoch-making body-mind-spirit three-dimensional health brand, three subordinate brands have been made, namely, Flower Ponergy, Flower Release, Flower Essence Kissoul, ushering us to a new era of body-mind-spirit.

    筑美世界 合達天人


    Building a World of Beauty, the Combination of Nature and Human

    Zhuhe, the professional Chinese high-tech famous enterprise, is backed up by its world-leading scientific research strength. Having won the latest scientific research achievement of Nobel Prize, and obtained the“ Vesicular Transport” technology crystalized from repeated scientific researches, it has initially created three major high-tech leading brands, namely, Heart Listen, Youdduan, Glacier Aurora. Zhuhe is committed to creating a world of beauty, building a bright win-win future.